Bachelor of Arts in Communications

How does the BA degree in communications benefit students, graduates and employers?

A degree in communications is one of the most popular, valuable, and widely applicable areas of study available to students across many industries. 

People today are bombarded with information all day and night through social media, mobile technology, and an expanding number of communications channels. As a result of this influx of information, professionals responsible for communicating with people must be able to capture the attention of the right audience, skillfully articulate ideas to different audiences for different purposes, share information that adds value, collaborate with diverse groups of stakeholders, and resolve conflict.

A study of college graduates by Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute revealed that adults with a degree in communications in addition to work experience faced an unemployment rate 24 percent lower than their peers with other degrees.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Communications prepares working adults to communicate effectively amid the challenges and opportunities in the workplace, as identified by workforce and industry leaders. This degree program is available to working adults whose employers partner with College for America—sign up to learn how to bring this educational opportunity to your organization.

Who is this degree for?

This is photo of a man holding a Southern New Hampshire University diploma.

This is one of the broadest college degrees available: a widely applicable degree that can unlock opportunity in many different industries and occupations. While a communications degree was once reserved for those in marketing, public relations, and sales, it’s becoming increasingly valuable to human resources managers and other professionals who communicate primarily with internal audiences. 

This degree is ideal for working adults interested in positions requiring exceptional interpersonal and communications skills.

Communications occupations include:

  • Sales manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Training and development specialist
  • Human resources manager
  • Public relations specialist
  • Fundraiser
  • Copywriter
  • Many others

These occupations are found in businesses across healthcare, wholesale, retail, government, manufacturing, life sciences and practically every industry.

How do students earn their degree?

College for America is designed to be more accessible for working adults with busy lives and to help students develop competencies that are more directly applicable in their organizations—all at roughly a tenth of the cost of a typical private university. So our students work toward their bachelor’s degree by completing real-world projects at their own pace—instead of sitting through lectures and taking exams. (Learn more about how much it costs and who can apply.) 

Through our unique competency-based approach, students complete projects to achieve goals instead of traditional courses. Our bachelor’s degree consists of 40 goals, and each goal qualifies for college credit just like a traditional course. 

The first 20 Core Goals of the BA (similar to general education requirements) are the same as the goals in our Associate of Arts in General Studies. The second 20 Advanced Goals are listed below.

Advanced Goals for the Bachelor of Arts in Communications (17)

  • Market a Product or Service
  • Advertise a Product or Service
  • Conduct Research
  • Leverage Social Media
  • Represent an Organization
  • Construct and Deconstruct Media
  • Control the Message
  • Communicate Technical Information
  • International and Intercultural Communications
  • Create Multimedia
  • Go Behind the News
  • Interact with Awareness
  • Lead a Team
  • Solve Problems with Math
  • Negotiate Difference
  • Contribute to Society
  • Capstone Goal


Advanced Goals for the Concentration in Business (3)

  • Manage a Business Organization
  • Work within the Law
  • Account for Business

Advanced Goals for the Concentration in Healthcare (3)

  • Promote Health and Wellness
  • Manage the Healthcare Organization
  • Navigate the US Healthcare System

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