LISTEN NOW: Three Executives on the Value of Investing in the Frontline

It makes sense to focus on education for the leadership in your organization, but what about the people on the front line and in the middle? On the surface, it seems that these groups are being cared for and developed for career success—a recent report from the Institute for Corporate Productivity and UpSkill America showed that 89 percent of surveyed organizations offer development opportunities to frontline workers and 82 percent offer them tuition assistance. Yet the outcomes of the opportunities may not be a priority: 73 percent don't know how many frontline workers actually take advantage of that development.

Listen to leading practitioners discuss how and why they’re choosing to make education investments in their frontline and middle management not just a practice but a priority. 



You will learn:

  • About the important, positive business impacts that an educated frontline and middle management have on the bottom line.
  • How employees and their employers are benefiting from unconventional trainings and college programs.
  • What ROI measurements they use to justify spending on education for employees beyond the executive team.

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