The $10K BA for working adults

A bachelor's degree built for working adults and their employers

Introducing the first fully accredited, nationally available $10,000 bachelor’s degree.

College for America is open to employees at companies and nonprofits across the country who have partnered with us to make a respected college degree more affordable and more applicable in the workplace.

Our competency-based degree program is built specifically to help working adults develop promotable skills through real-world, online projects that are relevant to their jobs and careers. So the most affordable bachelor’s degree is also the most valuable to employers. Sign up to learn how to bring this educational opportunity to your organization.

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How can the least expensive degree also be the most valuable to employers?

Our affordability is made possible by our nonprofit mission and our unique competency-based approach. It enables working adults to earn an accredited bachelor’s degree and develop immediately applicable, promotable skills by:

  • Completing real-world, competency-based online projects—instead of sitting through lectures and exams
  • Learning at a self-directed pace 
  • Advancing faster by showing what they already know
  • Mastering competencies in a degree program informed by labor market needs

College for America students earn an accredited bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University, a respected 82-year old nonprofit university and one of the nation’s largest nonprofit providers of online higher education.



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*$10,000 tuition is based on a student completing the degree in four years. The program is self-paced, and a student may opt to finish faster or slower and will pay accordingly ($1,250 per six month term). “Accredited” refers to being accredited by one of the seven regional accrediting agencies recognized by the US Department of Education and Council for Higher Education.