Higher education. Far lower cost.

The Business and Industry Association is helping employees of member companies earn a college degree in partnership with College for America at Southern New Hampshire University, a nonprofit, fully accredited college built specifically to help working adults succeed.

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Only $3,000 per year or less

  • No additional costs or fees
  • Federal aid and financing available for all programs


Flexible online work

  • Convenient, 24/7 access
  • Advance quickly through subjects you already know

Accredited university

  • Fully accredited degrees
  • Part of a nonprofit university founded in 1932

AA & BA college degrees

  • Broadly applicable degrees
  • Management, communications, healthcare, and general studies

Built for working adults

  • 96% would recommend College for America to others
  • 89% say their College for America work helps build skills for their current job
  • 92% say their College for America work helps them with their future employment



We offer the following accredited degree programs:

· Bachelor of Arts in Management

· Bachelor of Arts in Communications

· Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management

· Associate of Arts in General Studies

· Associate of Arts in Healthcare Management

Yes, students have multiple sources of support:

· Learning Coach: help each student navigate the program and set their own pace

· Reviewer: evaluates projects and gives feedback

· College for America community: includes other working learners in the program

Learn more about reviewers and coaches here.

Yes, College for America offered the nation's first competency-based college degree, entirely separated from the credit hour, approved for federal financial aid. Federal financial aid is available to students who qualify.
Only employees of CfA partners may apply. As a BIA member, you and your employees have unique access to this college. To learn more about the program and for no-cost recruitment materials, go to collegeforamerica.org/BIA-member. Employees can learn more and apply at collegeforamerica.org/BIA.




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