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Smarter Staffing for Nonclinical Positions in Long Term Care

How to fill high-demand roles with skilled entry-level workers

As more and more baby boomers retire, long-term care providers are feeling new types of pressures.

According to new research by the workforce strategies team at College for America —a nonprofit school dedicated to connecting higher education, workforce planning, and labor market needs—skilled workers are in short supply as long term care facilities accommodate new demands and growth. 

That’s why it’s critical to find ways to stay on top of staffing demands.

Key research finding: There are surprising options for promoting entry-level staff into supervisory positions.

Your existing staff members already have knowledge about the way your organization works—and many of your entry-level or frontline workers likely demonstrate some of the core competencies needed to move into other positions.

But there aren’t always clear paths for internal growth. This interactive PDF will help you identify good internal candidates for your open nonclinical positions based on their existing competencies and highlight where additional education may help them complete the skill sets needed for promotion.

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