Upskill Government Employees With Flexible Online Degrees. 

College for America has formed an educational alliance with the Office of Personnel Management to make college degrees available to every government employee.

Our competency-based degrees are designed to be accessible to the entire workforce, from GS-2 up, and focus on teaching valuable skills through real-world, work-relevant projects. And, it's only $3,000 per year. This unique offering is only available through the educational alliance between College for America and OPM. 


To learn more about the alliance please fill out the form. You may also contact Martha Rush-Mueller directly at

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Affordable at Every Grade

Programs cost just $3,000 per year and can serve federal employees at every level. All degrees are eligible for federal student aid.

Dedicated Alliance

College for America works with participating organizations to measure impacts on employee satisfaction, retention, and internal promotions.

Project-Based & Relevant

Our degrees focus on teaching skills the U.S. Government needs today and tomorrow, including decision making, problem-solving, teamwork, and cognitive flexibility.

Accredited & Rigorous

Graduates from College for America receive an accredited degree from Southern New Hampshire University, a non-profit university with decades of experience serving both full-time students and working learners.


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Of jobs in the U.S. will
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Sources: Georgetown Center for Education and the Workforce, Deloitte

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