Six growing roles and the 55 skills they have in common

Communications report

Communications Skills are a Priority in more Occupations

Six growing careers that require advanced communications skills

Between mobile technology and social media, people today are always connected. This connectedness has altered how we consume information and interact with other people, brands, and organizations.

As a result, employees now must have strong communication skills—whether or not they are in traditional communications careers. And workforce development professionals now have new considerations for developing and hiring people in communications-critical occupations.

A new trend report by the workforce strategies team at College for America explores:

· How Communications Skills Are Increasingly Valued By Employers

· Why Demands For New Skill Sets Are A Product Of Always-On Connectedness

· Why Employees Need To Engage Colleagues And Customers Differently

· How Employers Simultaneously Expect Broader Skill Sets And More-Specialized Expertise

· Which Communications Skills Are Broadly Applicable To Growing Job Roles

· Six Of Today’s Fastest-Growing Professions With Increasingly Demanding Communications Expectations.

In our workforce trend report, learn why and how these six roles are in need of more advanced communications skills.


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