Learn More About SNHU's Workforce Partnerships

We work with our partners to reach learners where they are and to help them succeed by delivering learning solutions that are built to meet personal, professional, and organizational goals. 

Education for employees at all levels.
These include tailored learning paths and microcredentials - plus, the full catalogue of the university, with over 200 online and on-campus programs.

Access to our dedicated research and consulting team.
We work closely with each partner to identify skills gaps, map competencies, measure impact, monitor student success and maximize your ROI.

College for America

SNHU College for AmericaOur accredited competency-based AA, BA, and certificate programs are designed specifically to develop working adults, especially those in frontline roles, through flexible, cost-effective, and applicable higher education:

Tuition is extremely affordable. Our radically different model keeps costs down. Tuition can be paid by the student directly, but is often fully covered by a company’s benefit programs.

Lessons are workplace-relevant. Students start working on skills-based projects in as little as one month. Our curriculum is designed to instantly apply to their work.


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